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Greetings from IOTD!

The Wonderful World of Food is this year’s Indiana State Fair theme. How fitting that theme is, considering what IOTD has been doing all month long.

Along with our partners at the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, IOTD held six regional stakeholder meetings across the state in July focusing on Indiana’s culinary and agritourism industries. We sought ideas and feedback to bolster our statewide strategy, and more than 100 people participated.  The input we received was terrific and will go a long way toward developing a policy agenda, operator resources and marketing assets that will sustain our strategy into the future.  

Marketing and public relations are perhaps the most advanced aspects of our strategy to date. Elements have already been rolled out and will continue to be introduced at the Indiana State Fair (August 4-20) and during the Fall harvest season.  For example, we've integrated a new agritourism menu into the Things To Do section of  A corresponding industry resource menu is being developed for the Indiana State Department of Agriculture website.  

Furthermore, new consumer collateral material will debut at the Indiana State Fair. One piece is an Indiana microbrewery and winery guide.  The other is an Indiana agritourism guide featuring u-picks, farm markets, orchards, farm tours, and other farm-based activities. At the State Fair, you'll also find IOTD in a new location, inside the Visit Indiana Beer, Wine, & Spirits Building (aka, the Grand Hall).  There you will find musical entertainment, a comfortable seating area, the opportunity to sample from Hoosier vintners, distillers and brewers as well as information on great Indiana travel destinations. Additionally, IOTD and the Indiana Foodways Alliance will be teaming up there to offer special agritourism giveaways.  Finally, as we roll into September and the Fall harvest, we will launch our flagship culinary and agritourism marketing campaign in earnest.

One last note, I encourage you to volunteer at the tourism booth inside the Visit Indiana Beer, Wine and Spirits Building at the Indiana State Fair. Shifts are still available.  One of the chief benefits of volunteering is the opportunity to distribute information and materials about your destination directly to fair goers. I hope you will join us.

As always, if there’s anything that we at IOTD can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Thanks for all you do to support this great industry.