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After a couple of false starts, it seems as though spring is finally here! As the weather warms, tourism industry sentiment shows confidence in the coming year. Our industry expects a strong showing in spring and summer and has confidence that this year will be better than last.

Indicators remain strong although there are some headwinds. Gas prices continue to edge up and the hoteliers had small declines in occupancy and revenue per available room. Neverthless, the economy remains strong, and it seems likely that our confidence will be rewarded.

After the long winter, make sure you get out and enjoy spring in Indiana. It’s definitely worth the wait!

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Dr. Jonathon Day
Purdue Hospitality and Tourism Research Center

Industry Sentiment As of Spring 2018

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Economic Indicators


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February 2018

(Avg. price per gallon)

gas pump with dollar sign

March 2017 $2.31

March 2018 $2.57

11.1% Increase

Industry Sectors


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Occupancy Rate

March 2017: 61.4%

March 2018: 60.3%


Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR)

February 2017: $59.34

February 2017: $58.77



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Domestic Passengers

February 2017: 581,547

February 2018: 629,824

8.3% Increase

International Passengers

February 2017: 5,989

February 2018: 4,423


Market Intelligence and Insights

A selection of recent marketing intelligence from around the industry…

There a positive outlook for hoteliers in North America this quarter according to Business Travel News. Click here

Social media is evolving. Frequent travelers browse Instagram 28 days each month (see article here) and so building your skills on Instagram is important. Tips on improving your story telling on that media check out this article that encourages adding links, building anticipation through multiple postings and including polls on your posts. 

US Travel’s Travel Trends Index projects continued growth in domestic travel. Leisure travel is leading the way for domestic travel. For details – click here.

The growth of mobile has been the big story in tourism marketing for some time. This report provides detail travelers use of mobile throughout the travel buying process.

And finally, good news for everyone planning a vacation – but feeling a little worried about taking time off – vacation guilt is on the decline! Get the story here


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