News & Resources for the Indiana Tourism Industry

Honest-to-Goodness Economic Benefit

There's no denying that tourism matters in Indiana! Visitor spending brings cash to our communities, creating jobs, enhancing the local economy and improving the quality of life for residents. At the same time, travel and tourism heighten cultural awareness, help create a sense of place for a community and can provide shared experiences to connect friends and families across generations. After all, a community cannot be a great place to visit if it's not first a great place to live.

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Fast Facts

  1. It takes only 380 visitors to support one new job in Indiana.
  2. Every 488 Indiana visitors generate enough state and local taxes to pay for one Indiana public school student.
  3. Having grown 5.8%, the tourism industry was the fastest growing job sector in the Indiana economy in 2015.
  4. Each Indiana visitor spent an average of $147 locally on transportation, hotel, food and beverage, shopping and entertainment.
  1. Each visitor generated roughly $32 in tax receipts, $18 of which went to state and local authorities.
  2. If visitors stopped coming to Indiana, each of its 2.5 million households would have to pay an additional $550 in state & local taxes in order to maintain current levels of tax receipts.
  3. Indiana was able to retain about 76ยข of every $1 spent by visitors.

2015 Economic Impact of Tourism in Indiana

Indiana destinations welcomed a record 77 million visitors (A 4.3% increase over the previous year.)

Leisure travelers were 82% of the total visitors, increasing day tripper visitors by 3.7% and overnight visits by 2.3%.

Visitors spent a record $11.5 billion in Indiana, an 8.6% increase YoY. $3.2 billion in food & drink, $2.5 billion in shopping, $2.1 billion in entertainment and recreation, $1.8 billion in lodging, $1 billion in transportation, < $1 billion in other areas

Tourism directly employs 155,000 Hoosiers and supports 202,000 jobs statewide, a 5.9% growth YoY

76¢ of every $1 spent by visitors stays in Indiana. This contributes $8.7 billion to Indiana’s Gross Domestic Product.

Tourism saves Hoosiers money by saving an average of $550 in state and local taxes per household