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Brochure Distribution

Reach More Potential Visitors With our Brochure Distribution Program

In cooperation with the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Indiana Office of Tourism Development provides industry partners a free service to distribute your brochure to rest areas, welcome centers and local visitor centers. Once you have been approved, simply box up and ship your brochures to us, along with the locations you wish them to be on display. How’s that for saving you time and resources?

Following are the policies for participating in this program:

Purpose: To promote Indiana and tourism related businesses to the traveling public in Indiana, through brochure distribution at interstate rest areas, toll roads, welcome centers, and local visitor centers. 

Brochures and pamphlets that qualify for distribution: 

  • Brochures produced by an Indiana regional tourism organization, convention and visitor bureau and chamber of commerce, (or like entity) which promote the local area 
  • Brochures for Indiana facilities frequented by the traveling public, such as hotels, restaurants, antique malls, retail malls, wineries, attractions, inns, campgrounds and bed & breakfasts 
  • Brochures for Indiana festivals, sporting, ethnic and cultural events open to the public 

Brochures and pamphlets that do not qualify for distribution: 

  • Brochures for attractions, events, organizations or destinations located outside of the state of Indiana 
  • Materials not relevant to the traveling public or to motivating travel and tourism in Indiana 
  • Materials promoting the sale of products or services 
  • Multi-state coupon books or other guidebooks that contain less than 25% Indiana content 

Approval and distribution policy: 

  • The approval process grants permission for distribution of individual brochures, not for the distributing organization itself. Organizations wishing to distribute multiple brochures with different content must apply for approval of each piece. You may submit all pieces at once, or apply for approval as each of your brochures becomes available. 
  • Your approval letter will indicate the date through which distribution of your brochure is approved. After the expiration date, you must re-apply for approval. 
  • When you are supplying brochures to any distribution center follow the procedures outlined in item #3 below. A copy of your approval letter must accompany both your initial shipment and any subsequent shipments. 
  • Dated materials must be current or shipment will be discarded. 
  • Excess materials may be discarded due to lack of storage space. 

Procedures for approval and distribution: 

1) A sample brochure must be sent to the Tourism Office for review. Send your request via mail or email to: 

          Gaye Caplinger 

          Office of Tourism 

          One North Capitol, Suite 600 

          Indianapolis, IN 46204 



2) The Office of Tourism will notify you in writing via email if your request has been approved or denied. If approved, you will receive an approval letter and a brochure distribution shipping list. 

3) Send your brochures to the locations of your choice for distribution. 

a. Maximum quantities to ship per type of distribution center 

  • Welcome Centers: 600 pieces or 1 case 
  • Rest Areas: 300 pieces or 1 case 
  • Visitor’s Centers: 200 pieces 

b. Brochures must be securely boxed and each box marked with: 

  • Address/location to which the brochures are being sent 
  • Your organization’s name and the name of the brochure/pamphlet 
  • Month/year of printing 
  • Number of brochures in each box 

c. Include with your shipment: 

  • A copy of the approval letter you received from the Office of Tourism (attach to box or include inside the box) – shipments that do not include this letter will be discarded (depending on storage space) or held until letter is received. 


*Shipping fees are the only fees incurred utilizing this program. There are no stocking or application fees applied.