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Indiana Welcome Centers and Rest Stops

Planning for Group Tour Stops

We understand it’s important to plan for leg-stretching opportunities for your group travelers. The Indiana Department of Transportation operates 19 rest area locations, with 30 separate rest area facilities on our interstate highways. You will find an interactive map here to see exact locations, which ones have buildings on both sides of the highway, as well as amenities provided. Following is a listing of all welcome centers and rest areas in Indiana.

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Welcome Centers

Michigan City: I-94, Mile Marker 43

Pigeon Creek: I-69, Mile Marker 345

Rest Areas

Elkhart: Indiana Toll Road, Mile Marker 90

Fremont: Indiana Toll Road, Mile Marker 146

Howe: Indiana Toll Road, Mile Marker 126

Kankakee: I-65, Mile Marker 231

Portage: Indiana Toll Road, Mile Marker 22

Rolling Prairie: Indiana Toll Road, Mile Marker 56


Rest Areas

Auburn: I-69, Mile Marker 325

Pipe Creek: I-69, Mile Marker 51

Welcome Center

Centerville: I-70, Mile Marker 143


Rest Areas

Greenfield: I-70, Mile Marker 107

Lebanon: I-65, Mile Marker 149

Lizton: I-74, Mile Marker 57

Plainfield: I-70, Mile Marker 64


Welcome Centers

Clear Creek: I-70, Mile Marker 2

Spring Creek: I-74, Mile Marker 1

Rest Area

Wolcott: I-65, Mile Marker 195


Welcome Center

Batesville: I-74, Mile Marker 151

Rest Area

Taylorsville: I-65, Mile Marker 71


Welcome Centers

Black River: I-64, Mile Marker 7

Lanesville: I-64, Mile Marker, 115

Rest Areas

Henryville: I-65, Mile Marker 22

Nancy Hanks: I-64, Mile Marker 59