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Motorcoach Regulations

License Plates

Valid business vehicle plates from any state or province are acceptable for interstate operation through Indiana.


Motor Carrier Fuel Tax & Authority

Vehicles used for casual or charter bus operations are exempt from purchasing fuel tax permit. However, the carrier is not exempt from paying the tax at the pump and tax refunds are not made.


Charter Coaches

  • Are not required to register their ICC authority to Indiana
  • Must identify vehicle
  • Must have Form D (NARUC) on the vehicle
  • Must comply with US Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

No oversized vehicle shall be parked at any time on any street, alley, roadway or highway in the city that is marked as a no-parking zone for any reason without a prior permit from the Safety Board. Should a special parking permit be required, it is recommended that the Safety Board be contacted at least 60 days in advance of your anticipated visit date to ensure adequate time for review of permit application.

NOTE: The above information is general and is not intended to cover all situations. For more information and for specific regulations, please contact:

State Regulations

Indiana Department of Revenue

Motor Carrier Services

5252 Decatur Blvd., Suite R

Indianapolis, IN 46241

317.615.7350 (general info, insurance & safety)

317.615.7340 (fuel tax)