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Guide to the Film Locations for "Columbus"

Guide to the film locations for Columbus, a film by Kogonada 

Downtown Locations 

Inn at Irwin Gardens 

608 5th St. (08) 

  • Interior / Jin in his father's room, site of several scenes with Eleanor and Casey 
  • Walkway on east side of library / Jin and Casey first meet here 


Cleo Rogers Memorial Library 

536 5th St. (05) 

I.M. Pei, 1969 

  • Interior / stacking books / mezzanine discussion with Gabriel / meet-up with Casey's high school friend


First Christian Church 

531 5th St. (05) 

Eliel Saarinen, 1942

  • Exterior Sanctuary Doors / Where Casey and Jin talk about architecture and his father's collapse 
  • Lower level near pillars / Jin contemplates the situation with his father


Irwin Conference Center 

500 Washington St. (16) 

Eero Saarinen, 1954

(Former Irwin Union Bank) 

  • Exterior / Tour walks by the south side, Jin and Casey talk on the west side 


Mill Race Park 

50 Carl Miske Dr. (25) 

Michael Can Valkenburgh, 1992 

  • Observation Tower / Jin and Casey discuss architecture and Mill Race history 
  • Round Lake / Jin and Casey sit on bench and talk abouot family and architecture 
  • Covered Bridge / Jin and Casey discuss family obligations 


Republic Newspaper (former) 

333 2nd St. (46) 

Myron Goldsmith, 1971 

  • Interior / Casey applies for a job 
  • Exterior / Casey watches cleaning crew at night 


City Hall 

123 Washington St. (47) 

Edward Charles Bassett, 1981 

  • Exterior Stairs / Jin and Casey sit out front and discuss Casey's options / Jin comments on the cantilevered walls 


Viewpoint Bookstore 

548 Washington St. 

  • Interior / "Duncan Game Shop" with Jin 


Henry's Social Club 

423 Washington St. 

  • Jin and Eleanor have heartfelt discussions


Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans 

234 Washington St. (45) 

Thompson & Rose, 1997 

  • Jin on his phone and admiring the memorial / Casey phones the cleaning crew in The Republic 


Friendship Way 

Alley between 4th and 5th Streets on Washington St. (34) 

Cork Marcheschi, 1998 

  • People walk by, Gabriel is shown reading on a bench


Stewart Bridge

State Road 46 W (44) 

J. Muller, 1999

  • Shots at the beginning of the film (from west, behind corn) and the closing shot of the film 


Other Locations 

North Christian Church 

850 Tipton Lane (66) 

Eero Saarinen, 1964

  • Exterior / Jin and Casey walk through the trees on the east side and the allee on the south side 
  • Interior / Jin and Casey discuss architecture and religion 


First Financial Bank 

707 Creekview Dr. (79) 

Deborah Berke, 2006 

  • Exterior / Casey tells Jin about her mother's history, architect Deborah Berke, and why this building is important to her 


Southside Elementary 

1320 W 200 S (90) 

Eliot Noyes, 1969 

  • Exterior / Casey dances and Jin asks probing questions 


Columbus Regional Health 

2400 E. 17th St. (58) 

Robert A.M. Stern, 1992 

  • Exterior / Casey first spots Jin entering the hospital while waiting for her mother 
  • Interior / several scenes of Jin and Eleanor in the hospital 


Mental Health Center 

2975 Lincoln Park Drive (59) 

James Stewart Polshek, 1972 

  • Exterior, near people trail and creek / Jin and Casey discuss the building and architect James Polshek


Miller House 

*only accessible through private tour- book a tour at 

  • Exterior - Honey Locust Allee and North Lawn / Jin and Eleanor take a tour and discuss Jin's father 
  • Interior / Opening Scene / Tours walk through, Jin and Casey talk about the conversation pit / Casey looking for Jin 

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