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IDDC Commissioned Reports Indicate the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Leisure & Travel-Related Industry

Indiana Destination Development Corporation commissioned Rockport Analytics to conduct the five-week survey (from May 5 to June 5, 2020), intending to help inform both industry stakeholders and state leaders on current business and consumer confidence.

Rockport Analytics has constructed an index based on several components: mortality rate, lost jobs and unemployment claims, lost revenue and company viability, consumer habits and multiple tourism variables (hotel and travel disruption, overlaying with consumer sentiment).

To see the reports, click here.

About Rockport Analytics

Rockport Analytics is an independent market research and consulting company specializing in economic impact and feasibility studies for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. 

For five weeks, Rockport sent out the business and consumer surveys asking the same questions week to week. The survey was conducted from May 5 – June 5 and sent out to hundreds of businesses and consumers each week. This methodology captured the specific changes and trends that both businesses and consumers face week to week. Responses of those surveyed came from 90 counties, representing all ages, and key demographics.