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The summer of 2020 has been challenging to say the least. After promising signs of recovery earlier in the season, the coronavirus has returned to Indiana and our neighboring states. Perhaps the small consolation is that, after months of social distancing, many consumers are wanting to get out – and local destinations are the most appealing. In the leisure travel market, drive travel is leading the on again/off again recovery. 

As I have noted before, there are a variety resources to assist Indiana tourism businesses through the crisis. The best place to start is the IOTD COVID-19 Resource page. 

As we head into August, I encourage you to get out and enjoy summer in Indiana. It’s a great time to explore our own state – and support our industry. 


Be Well and Safe Travels,

Dr. Jonathon Day
Purdue Hospitality and Tourism Research Center

Industry Sentiment As of Summer 2019 (July-August)

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Economic Indicators


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July 2020
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(Avg. price per gallon)

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July 2019 $2.74

July ​2020 $2.16

-35% Decrease

Industry Sectors


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Occupancy Rate

June 2019: 68.9%

June 2020: 42.9%


Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR)

June 2019: $71.39

June 2020: $32.91



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Domestic Passengers

May 2020: 859,598

May 2020: 226,326


International Passengers

June 2019: 21,952

June 2020: 0


Market Intelligence and Insights

A selection of recent marketing intelligence from around the industry…

The Indiana Office of Tourism Development has identified a wide variety of resources for tourism businesses during the COVID-19 shutdown. Get the resources here.

Several Market Research companies are tracking consumer responses to the pandemic and sharing free insights. Resources include:

               MMGY Global

               Longwoods International

Gen Z may be the key to travel industry’s recovery according to research by Fluent Inc. Read an article on the research or the Future of Travel report.

Conscientious Consumerism will be an enduring trend in the travel industry according to the newest MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers.

Summer Travelers are staying closer to home according to the Expedia Summer Travel Report. The study confirms that road trips feel safer than flights this summer. 



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